The direct ancestors of Tony Coatsworth



Numbers in brackets with a # sign refer to the 'master' charts drawn up by Louis Coatsworth of Chicago who extensively researched the family in the 1900's. These charts were then expanded on by Eva M Coatsworth and privately published in a book called 'The descendants of Thomas Coatsworth and Mary Bainbridge" - I have a copy of this book and will gladly provide any information to any interested Coatsworth descendants !

I've deliberately removed the dates of birth of any living Coatsworths to prevent fraud.


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1. Thomas Coatsworth - the first record is of his marriage to Marie Bainbrigg on 17th March 1691 in Middleton-in-Teesdale.(This would be 1692 in modern dates). The marriage bond states that Thomas is a yeoman of Lonninghead Middleton his bondsman is Miles Sigswith. Marie is named as Mary Bainbridge spinster.
This would have in been the old church, of which only a window arch remains. They had three sons - John, William and Joseph. John died in 1710 - no descendants and Joseph worked in the Customs Service in London.


2. William Coatsworth 1695 - 1760. Christened in 1695 in Middleton-in-Teesdale as Coatswath. Married Mary Teadale in 1717 (Cotesworth on register). Six children John (died young ?), William (#1 - #6), Mary, Robert (special chart also here's a link to Charles Dobie - ancestor of Robert), Joseph and John. The family lived in Low Houses which is where William died in 1760.

Here's a link to the Coatsworth Cemetry in Kent County Ontario - featuring Coatsworth's on Chart #5


3. John Coatsworth 1729 - 1807. b Low Houses, Middleton-in-Teesdale. Married Mary Alderson in Romaldkirk in 1755. Seven children all born in Low Houses. Mary, William, Hannah, John (#7- #9), Joseph (#10 - #15), Robert (#16,#17), and Thomas (#18). John was active in the Methodist movement and the Methodists met at Low Houses before Newbiggin Chapel was built - the Trust Deed of 1804 mentions John. The pulpit that John Wesley preached from, was stored in Low Houses for many years and it is now in Newbiggin Chapel.

4. Joseph Coatsworth 1768 - 1840 b Low Houses, Middleton-in-Teesdale. Married Mary Lee in 1784. Lived in Aukside just north of Middleton-in-Teesdale, then moved into Low Houses around 1800. 8 children - Joseph (#10), Robert (#11), John (#12), William (#13), Mary, George (#14), James (#15) and Hannah. The eldest son Joseph emigrated to Galena, Illinois. Around this period after the Napoleonic Wars, the price and demand for Lead had plummeted, so a large number of families emigrated from Teesdale to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The ancestors of Louis Coatsworth who compiled the original charts settled in Romney, Ontario.

In Joseph's last will and testament, he leaves his allotment of land on the enclosure of Middleton pastures at Pikestonebrow (lately let out) to his four surviving sons in England. He also leaves the dwelling house there, and the freehold dwelling house and adjoining land at Newbiggin occupied by his daughter-in-law Elizabeth. Also some shares in a Mine. He leaves five pounds to various family members including his eldest son Joseph in America and daughter Mary Robinson who he mentions owes him a debt of fifty pounds ! He then leaves instructions about payments to his grandchildren, and details about how various improvements to the dwelling houses be carried out.

Joseph's son John (b 1802), his son-in-law Thomas Robinson (married Mary) and a cousin Jonathan Coatsworth hold a mining area lease dated 19th July 1822. Possibly related to the fifty pound debt in his will! This lease covers Maize Beck and north of Mickle Fell and they were working this area in 1831. The lease was renewed in 1833 and again in 1835 to include Birkdale Vein. This photo shows the general area (near Cow Green Reservoir)


5. William Coatsworth (#13) 1804 - 1876 b Low Houses, Middleton-in-Teesdale. First marrige to Mary Brunskill 1831. Daughter Mary born in 1832, but then mother Mary died in 1834. William remarries in 1847 and goes on to have 3 more children - William, John and Robert. In 1851 he is a Lead Miner living in Hudeshope, in 1861 he is listed as Lead Miner and farmer of 16 acres, and in 1871 he is a Land Owner and Butcher.


6. Mary Coatsworth 1832 - ? b Low Houses, Middleton-in-Teesdale

In 1841 aged 8 she is living with - Mary Robinson (ne Coatsworth) - her Aunt in Newbiggin, and in 1851 aged 17 she is still there listed as a 'visitor'. Her cousin George Coatsworth is listed as a lodger of the same age. She then has an illegitimate child - Joseph, shortly afterwards, and then is next heard of in 1861 working as a domestic servant for the Kiplings (an elderly couple - retired Land Agent) in Yew Tree, Hunderthwaite (I'm not sure this is the exact house but it is the only Yew tree in the village)


7. Joseph Coatsworth 1851 - 1930 b Stanhope Gate, Middleton-in-Teesdale. Stanhope Gate is a small farm to the east of Middleton-in-Teesdale some miles from Low Houses - presumably Mary was working there as a servant, or just lying low from her Methodist Father.

In 1861 Joseph is living with his great-aunt - Mary Robinson (ne Coatsworth) in Newbiggin. When Mary was a child she made a quilt, which is now held in the Bowes Museum textile collection .

In December 1874 Joseph married Sarah Jane Temple and in 1881 they are living in Newbiggin with daughter Mary aged 3 - Joseph is a Lead Miner. The wedding certificate rubs in the fact he is illigitimate !

In 1891 the family have moved to 13 Scotts Row, Newton Cap - presumably to work in the new Toronto coal mine. Joseph is a hewer. They now have 4 children Emma, William Henry, Albert and Lily - no sign of young Mary, and they are all still there in 1901.


8. William Henry Coatsworth 1885 - 1962, b Scotts Row, Toronto, Bishop Auckland. In 1901 he is still living with his father and is a coal miner 'below ground'. He marries Elizabeth Ann Tenby and they have 10 children. Elizabeth's father William J. was known as "Grafter" and he originated from Guernsey. Albert William is the eldest, then Joseph, John, Raymond, Lily, Mary, Dorothy, Lena, Sarah Jane and Betty.


9. Albert William Coatsworth 1910 - 1983, b Church St, Toronto, Bishop Auckland. Married Elizabeth Wilson and one son - Robert.


10. Robert Coatsworth b Eldon Lane, Bishop Auckland. Married Sheila May Brown and two sons Tony and James Martin. Divorced and then married Elizabeth Williams - two more sons Mathew and Dan.


11. Tony Coatsworth b Macclesfield