Andy Goldsworthy - Sculptures


The Arch project

In 1997 a sandstone arch 'travelled' through Cumbria along the traditional drove roads, stopping each night at various locations.


The final resting place of the 'Arch'. A shepherd's hut near Thornton-in-Lonsdale.



The Arch itself. Unfortunately it is now behind a padlocked door.


The Sheepfolds project



Casterton Fellfoot Drove Folds. There are sixteen of these 'boulders in a fold'. Each one has it's own character and this is one of the biggest.



This one has Thistles growing in it, intentionally or not ?



This one has a channel and little indentation carved on it.



This contains a rather cratered boulder and is echoed by an enclosure behind with metal railings.



This one is very green and mossy under the trees



This seems to point at a lone tree in a field.



This one is overgrown with nettles.



This is filled with bracken.


A step-ladder would have been handy !


  A huge boulder in this one.

Quite a round shape to this one, echoing the trees behind.


  The interior of the round one, with a nice purplish boulder.

A few Foxgloves here.


  A "Sheep's Eye" view of the same one

At this point the weather turned a lot worse, so the remaining 5 Casterton sheepfolds will have to wait for another day.

We then drove on to Mountjoy Farm - just the other side of Kendal.

Western end of field. Rowan (Mountain Ash) tree planted in a boulder.  

Eastern end of field.


A battered Hawthorn tree.  

Interior of Eastern fold. Another little Rowan tree planted in a boulder.




Pinecone - just to the east of Andy's home base in Penpont, Dumfries    


Yorkshire Sculpture Park - May 2007

Hanging trees - wood and stone on the boundary wall of Yorkshire Sculpture Park 2007-2008 exhibition    
Outclosure - the round wall symbolising the enclosure of common land making it inaccessible.   Striding Arches - located at YSP for the exhibition but will return to Dumfries in 2008

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