Madagascar Photographs


All images copyright Tony Coatsworth/Gina Jones 2004


Madagascar Kestrel (Falco newtoni) - Berenty Madagascar Sparrowhawk (Accipiter madagascariensis) - Mantadia National Park
Lesser Vasa Parrot (Coracopsis nigra) - Berenty Spiny Forest Madagascar Magpie-Robin (Copsychus albospecularis) - Berenty
White-browed Owl (Ninox superciliaris) - Berenty Madagascar Hoopoe (Upupa marginata) - Berenty
Archbold's Newtonia (Newtonia archboldi) on nest - Ifaty Subdesert Mesite (Monias benschi) - Ifaty
Indri - Perinet Verreaux's Sifaka - Berenty
Female White-fronted Brown Lemur (free ranging) - Parc Ivolina Ring-tailed Lemur - Berenty
Eastern Grey Bamboo Lemur - Mantadia Red-fronted Brown Lemur (introduced) , Berenty
Black & White Ruffed Lemur (free ranging) - Parc Ivolina Ring-tailed Lemur and baby (free ranging) - Reserve de Nahampoana
Leaf-tailed Gecko (Uroplatus sp.) - Perinet Stick Insect - Perinet
Parsons Chameleon (Calumma parsonii) - Perinet Three-eyed Lizard (Chalaradon madagascariensis)- Berenty
Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) - Parc Ivolina Gecko sp. - Perinet
Weevil - Maromiza forest, Perinet Pink Bug - Maromiza forest, Perinet



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