India 26/1/10 - 6/2/10

Species seen during our trip to Corbett National Park - primarily to see Tigers. 5 seen during a total of 13 game drives.

We stayed at Tiger Camp 5 nights then Dhikala Forest Lodge 2 nights. Then 3 days relaxing in Nainital not birding !

Weather was dry and sunny every day with early mist. very cold but no snow in Nainital.

Bird List

Francolinus francolinus

Black Francolin

1 or 2 birds just outside Dhikala compound

Gallus gallus

Red Junglefowl

Pairs scratching around in undergrowth. Good views of male at Jhirna by river.

Lophura leucomelanos

Kalij Pheasant

Few birds crossing tracks, especially late afternoon

Pavo cristatus

Indian Peafowl

20+ at Jhirna

Dendrocygna javanica

Lesser Whistling-Duck

Small flock at Ramnagar Dam

Mergus merganser

Common Merganser

Pair on Kosi River

Jynx torquilla

Eurasian Wryneck

One bird feeding on track at Dhikala

Dendrocopos auriceps

Brown-fronted Woodpecker

Good views of one at Fairhavens Hotel, Nainital

Celeus brachyurus

Rufous Woodpecker

Pair by Kosi River nr Mohan

Picus flavinucha

Greater Yellownape

Very vocal bird on treetop near Bijrani gate

Picus canus

Grey-faced Woodpecker

One in forest near Durgadevi gate

Dinopium benghalense

Black-rumped Flameback

Odd birds seen daily

Mulleripicus pulverulentus

Great Slaty Woodpecker

Heard daily, flock of 4 seen near Bijrani gate

Megalaima lineata

Lineated Barbet

Seen and heard daily

Buceros bicornis

Great Hornbill

Pair in forest near Durgadevi gate

Upupa epops

Eurasian Hoopoe

One on track near Dhikala, 3 on wires in Rampur town centre !

Alcedo atthis

Common Kingfisher

Seen daily by wider streams and rivers

Pelargopsis capensis

Stork-billed Kingfisher

Heard daily on woodland edges, odd birds seen distantly

Halcyon smyrnensis

White-throated Kingfisher

Common on wires

Megaceryle lugubris

Crested Kingfisher

Seen daily on wider rivers

Ceryle rudis

Pied Kingfisher

Few birds on Kosi river

Psittacula krameri

Rose-ringed Parakeet

Common in urban areas

Psittacula himalayana

Slaty-headed Parakeet

Small flock about 10km in from Dhangari gate

Psittacula cyanocephala

Plum-headed Parakeet

Seen daily, nice flock by roadside outside Ramnagar

Psittacula alexandri

Red-breasted Parakeet

1 or 2 seen daily

Tachymarptis melba

Alpine Swift

Small flock at dusk by Dhikala compound

Apus affinis

Little Swift

Small numbers by Kosi river

Hemiprocne coronata

Crested Treeswift

Common and vocal over woodland

Ketupa zeylonensis

Brown Fish-Owl

One roosting near Dhikala compound

Ketupa flavipes

Tawny Fish-Owl

On roosting near Gharial Point on Dhikala - Dhangari road

Glaucidium radiatum

Jungle Owlet

One perched up near Dhikala compound

Columba livia

Rock Pigeon

Feral Pigeons common in urban areas

Streptopelia orientalis

Oriental Turtle-Dove

One seen in tree near Bijrani

Streptopelia chinensis

Spotted Dove

Common in gardens & track sides

Streptopelia decaocto

Eurasian Collared-Dove

Common in urban areas

Tringa nebularia

Common Greenshank

Few birds by Kosi river

Tringa ochropus

Green Sandpiper

Fairly common near water

Tringa hypoleucos

Common Sandpiper

One or two by Kosi river

Himantopus himantopus

Black-winged Stilt

Few birds in paddy fields on Delhi road

Amauronis akool

Brown Crake

One in reeds near Dhikala

Vanellus duvaucelii

River Lapwing

One or two by Kosi river

Vanellus indicus

Red-wattled Lapwing

Fairly common in cultivated fields

Sterna aurantia

River Tern

Few birds over lake - Dhikala

Pandion haliaetus


One bird over Dhikala

Elanus caeruleus

Black-winged Kite

Fairly common at Dhikala

Milvus migrans

Black Kite

Hundreds of birds at power station east of Delhi

Haliaeetus leucoryphus

Pallas's Sea-Eagle

One or two at Dhikala

Ichthyophaga humilis

Lesser Fish-Eagle

Pair at Gharial Point on Dhikala - Dhangari road

Neophron percnopterus

Egyptian Vulture

Fairly common at Ramnagar rubbish tip

Gyps himalayensis

Himalayan Griffon

Seen daily overhead

Sarcogyps calvus

Red-headed Vulture

Seen daily overhead

Spilornis cheela

Crested Serpent-Eagle

Seen daily overhead and perched in trees

Circus macrourus

Pallid Harrier

Female at Dhikala grassland, Corbett

Accipiter nisus

Eurasian Sparrowhawk

One near Dhikala

Aquila nipalensis

Steppe Eagle

Seen daily overhead

Spizaetus cirrhatus

Changeable Hawk-Eagle

Seen daily overhead and perched in trees

Falco peregrinus

Peregrine Falcon

One of peregrinator race seen eating a Parakeet at Jhirna gate

Podiceps cristatus

Great Crested Grebe

Pair at Ramnagar dam

Phalacrocorax niger

Little Cormorant

Small flocks at Dhikala lake

Phalacrocorax carbo

Great Cormorant

Flock of 100+ at Dhikala lake

Egretta garzetta

Little Egret

Common in paddy fields

Ardea cinerea

Grey Heron

One or two near wider rivers

Ardea alba

Great Egret

One or two at Dhikala

Egretta intermedia

Intermediate Egret

A few in paddy fields

Bubulcus ibis

Cattle Egret

Common near villages

Ardeola grayii

Indian Pond-Heron

A few birds seen near villages

Ciconia episcopus

Woolly-necked Stork

Pair at Dhikala

Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus

Black-necked Stork

Pair at Dhikala

Chloropsis aurifrons

Golden-fronted Leafbird

One near Bijrani gate

Lanius schach

Long-tailed Shrike

Seen daily

Dendrocitta vagabunda

Rufous Treepie

Seen daily in thick woodland

Garrulus glandarius bispecularis

Eurasian Jay

Nainital cable car station

Corvus splendens

House Crow

Hundreds in Delhi

Corvus macrorhynchos

Large-billed Crow

Seen daily in and over woodland

Oriolus traillii

Maroon Oriole

One or two birds seen - often on dead trees

Coracina macei

Large Cuckooshrike

Vocal bird around rangers compound near Dhikala

Pericrocotus ethologus

Long-tailed Minivet

Small groups seen most days

Pericrocotus cinnamomeus

Small Minivet

pair near Bijrani gate

Rhipidura hypoxantha

Yellow-bellied Fantail

One up riverbed near Mohan

Rhipidura aureola

White-browed Fantail

One or two seen daily

Dicrurus macrocercus

Black Drongo

Common on wires

Dicrurus caerulescens

White-bellied Drongo

One or two seen daily

Dicrurus aeneus

Bronzed Drongo

One or two seen daily

Aegithina tiphia

Common Iora

Pair near Jhirna gate

Cinclus pallasii

Brown Dipper

One on Kosi River near Mohan

Monticola solitarius

Blue Rock-Thrush

Pair by Kosi River at Tiger camp hotel

Myiophonus caeruleus

Blue Whistling-Thrush

Seen daily

Zoothera monticola

Long-billed Thrush

One feeding on river bed near Durgadevi gate

Ficedula parva

Red-breasted Flycatcher

One in gardens - Tiger Camp hotel

Ficedula tricolor

Slaty-blue Flycatcher

One in gardens - Tiger Camp hotel

Niltava macgrigoriae

Small Niltava

Female by roadside near Mohan

Luscinia pectoralis

White-tailed Rubythroat

Pair feeding on track at Dhikala

Copsychus saularis

Oriental Magpie-Robin

One in gardens - Tiger Camp hotel

Phoenicurus ochruros

Black Redstart

One feeding at Bijrani gate compound

Chaimarrornis leucocephalus

White-capped Water-Redstart

Common by streams

Rhyacornis fuliginosus

Plumbeous Water-Redstart

Common by streams

Enicurus scouleri

Little Forktail

One at Kosi River nr Mohan

Saxicola insignis

White-throated (Hodgsons) Bushchat

One or two at Dhikala grassland

Saxicola torquata

Common Stonechat

Seen daily perched on reeds

Saxicola caprata

Pied Bushchat

One or two seen daily

Saxicola leucura

White-tailed Stonechat

In reeds near Bhijrani gate

Saxicola ferrea

Grey Bushchat

A few near Jhirna gate

Sturnus contra

Asian Pied Starling

A few on wires on Delhi road

Acridotheres tristis

Common Myna

Very common in urban areas and truck stops

Acridotheres fuscus

Jungle Myna

One or two around Dhikala compound

Tichodroma muraria


One on riverbed at Bijrani gate, also under suspension bridge Kosi River

Certhia himalayana

Bar-tailed Tree-Creeper

Fairhavens hotel garden , Nainital

Parus major

Great Tit

One or two seen in woodland

Parus monticolus

Green-backed Tit

Few pairs Nainital Zoo

Aegithalos concinnus

Black-throated Tit

Few pairs Nainital Zoo

Riparia paludicola

Plain Martin

Small groups over Kosi river

Hirundo rustica

Eurasian Swallow

Small groups over rivers

Regulus regulus


Common in conifers at Nainital

Pycnonotus melanicterus

Black-crested Bulbul

Few birds near Bijrani gate

Pycnonotus jocosus

Red-whiskered Bulbul

One or two seen daily

Pycnonotus cafer

Red-vented Bulbul

The commonest Bulbul - seen daily

Pycnonotus leucogenys

Himalayan Bulbul

Few birds seen daily

Prinia hodgsonii

Grey-breasted Prinia

A few birds near Bijrani gate

Zosterops palpebrosus

Oriental White-eye

Common in gardens & track sides

Orthotomus sutorius

Common Tailorbird

Pair in Tiger camp garden

Seicercus xanthoschistos

Grey-hooded Warbler

Few pairs Nainital Zoo and Fairhavens hotel

Garrulax lineatus

Streaked Laughingthrush

Two birds at Nainital Zoo

Chrysomma sinense

Yellow-eyed Babbler

One bird near Dhikala

Turdoides striatus

Jungle Babbler

Fairly common near Dhikala compound

Sylvia curruca

Lesser Whitethroat

One bird near Bijrani gate

Alauda gulgula

Oriental Skylark

Several singing at Dhikala grassland

Passer domesticus

House Sparrow

Common in urban areas

Motacilla alba

White Wagtail

Both 'white' and dark-backed races seen on river beds

Motacilla madaraspatensis

White-browed Wagtail

Seen daily

Motacilla cinerea

Grey Wagtail

One seen near Jhirna gate

Anthus rufulus

Paddyfield Pipit

Common in open areas at Jhirna

Anthus campestris

Tawny Pipit

Few birds near Kosi River

Amandava amandava

Red Avadavat

Common over reedbeds

Emberiza rutila

Chestnut Bunting

Odd birds seen near Dhikala


5 Tigers - 2 crossing river bed at Jhirna gate, 2 in forest near Dhikala, one crossing the track Dhikala - Dhangari

Golden Jackal - pair seen on grassland at Dhikala

Wild Boar - few family groups seen, including some swimming across a river.

Hog Deer - in reeds at Dhikala

Sambar Deer - seen daily

Chital (Spotted) Deer - common, seen daily

Northern Palm Squirrel - one near Bijrani gate was only one seen !

Indian Grey Mongoose - one crossing river - Jhirna gate

Hanuman Langur - Common - even in urban areas

Rhesus Macaque - seen daily


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