South Africa 30/5/10 - 18/6/10

Species seen during our trip to South Africa

We stayed at Bushman's Kloof near Clanwilliam in the Cederberg for a week. Then drove down to Langebaan and the West Coast national Park for 2 nights

Then down to Arniston - an ideal base for De Hoop and Cape Algulhas in the Overberg.

Then across to Kleinmond for a few days, finishing in Cape Town for the Football World Cup

B = Bushman's Kloof, L = Langebaan/West Coast National Park, R = Rondevlei - a nice little reserve in the Cape Town suburbs

Bird List

LatinEnglishWhereSASOL NumberNotes
Struthio camelusOstrichB, L, Cape Point1Probably all re-introduced
Spheniscus demersusJackass PenguinStoney Point3Good numbers breeding
Podiceps cristatusGreat Crested GrebeL, De Hoop6Small numbers
Podiceps nigricollisEared GrebeL7One pair
Tachybaptus ruficollisLittle GrebeL, De Hoop8very common at De Hoop
Puffinus griseusSooty ShearwaterArniston37Small numbers feeding offshore
Pelecanus onocrotalusGreat White PelicanDe Hoop4910 birds or so
Morus capensisCape GannetArniston, Kleinmond53Fairly common offshore
Phalacrocorax carboGreat CormorantCommon55Very common offshore
Leucocarbo capensisCape CormorantCommon56Very common offshore
Phalacrocorax neglectusBank CormorantArniston57Small numbers
Phalacrocorax africanusLong-tailed CormorantR58Small numbers
Phalacrocorax coronatusCrowned CormorantL59Small numbers
Anhinga rufaAfrican DarterB, De Hoop60Small numbers - freshwater
Ardea cinereaGrey HeronCommon62Seen daily
Ardea melanocephalaBlack-headed HeronCommon63Seen daily
Ardea purpureaPurple HeronR65One bird
Ardea albaGreat EgretDe Hoop66Small numbers
Egretta garzettaLittle EgretCommon67Seen most days
Egretta intermediaIntermediate EgretDe Hoop68Small numbers
Bubulcus ibisCattle EgretCommon71Seen most days
Threskiornis aethiopicusSacred IbisL, De Hoop91Fields and roadside
Plegadis falcinellusGlossy IbisKirstenbosch Gardens93Pair flying around
Bostrychia hagedashHadada IbisB, De Hoop, Company gardens - Cape Town94Heard most days !
Platalea albaAfrican SpoonbillClanwilliam dam, De Hoop95Few birds at south end of Clanwilliam Dam
Phoenicopterus ruberGreater FlamingoL96100+ birds in bay - I couldn't pick out any Lessers though
Alopochen aegyptiacaEgyptian GooseCommon102Seen most days
Tadorna canaSouth African ShelduckBushmans Kloof, Clanwilliam103Pair re-introduced at Bushmans Kloof, few birds at south end of Clanwilliam Dam
Anas undulataYellow-billed DuckB, De Hoop104Very tame at Bushmans Kloof
Anas sparsaAfrican Black DuckNear Velddrif105A few birds in the fog
Anas capensisCape TealL106Few birds on freshwater pool
Anas erythrorhynchaRed-billed DuckR108Few birds loafing around
Anas smithiiCape ShovelerL112Few birds on freshwater pool
Plectropterus gambensisSpur-winged GooseB116Pair on dam
Sagittarius serpentariusSecretarybirdPotberg - De Hoop118One bird by roadside at Potberg entrance
Gyps coprotheresCape VulturePotberg - De Hoop122One or two birds overhead
Elanus caeruleusBlack-shouldered KiteCommon127Seen in most areas
Aquila verreauxiiVerreaux's EagleB, Kleinmond131Pair hunting Dassie at Bushman's Kloof, bird over Harold Porter gardens
Circaetus pectoralisBlack-chested Snake-EagleB143One or two birds overhead
Buteo trizonatusForest BuzzardN7 out of Cape Town150Probable split from Mountain Buzzard
Buteo rufofuscusJackal Buzzardnear Langebaan152Seen overhead along N7
Circus ranivorusAfrican Marsh HarrierL165One bird seen in mist
Circus maurusBlack HarrierL168One bird seen in mist
Falco peregrinusPeregrine FalconKleinmond171Chasing pigeons over estuary
Falco tinnunculusCommon KestrelB and Cederberg181Odd birds on posts or hovering
Pternistis capensisCape SpurfowlB, De Hoop, Signal Hill, Kirstenbosch195Tame birds around car parks
Numida meleagrisHelmeted GuineafowlDe Hoop, Signal Hill, Kirstenbosh203Tame birds
Anthropoides paradiseusBlue CraneR316 to Arniston, Potberg208Small groups in stubble fields
Amaurornis flavirostraBlack CrakeDe Hoop213One bird by freshwater pool
Porphyrio porphyrioPurple GallinuleR223Distant views
Gallinula chloropusCommon MoorhenB, De Hoop226Fairly common
Fulica cristataRed-knobbed CootDe Hoop, R228Small numbers
Neotis denhamiDenham's BustardR316 Arniston231Small groups in stubble fields
Neotis ludwigiiLudwig's BustardB232One pair - this is the southernmost part of range
Eupodotis vigorsiiKaroo KorhaanDe Hoop235One pair near Potberg entrance
Haematopus moquiniAfrican OystercatcherL, Arniston244Small numbers
Charadrius pecuariusKittlitz's PloverL, Arniston248Small numbers, usually in grassy areas at waters edge
Charadrius marginatusWhite-fronted PloverL249Small numbers
Vanellus coronatusCrowned LapwingOverberg255Small numbers near Cape Algulhas and Potberg
Vanellus armatusBlacksmith LapwingCommon258Small numbers in fields
Tringa nebulariaCommon GreenshankL270One or two birds on mud
Philomachus pugnaxRuffL284Small numbers on mud
Numenius arquataCurlewL289One or two birds on mud
Recurvirostra avosettaPied AvocetL294Small numbers on mud
Himantopus himantopusBlack-winged StiltCape Town airport295A few birds in a drainage ditch
Burhinus vermiculatusWater Thick-kneeDe Hoop298Few birds roosting under bushes
Stercorarius antarcticusBrown SkuaKleinmond310One bird following a fishing boat
Larus dominicanusKelp GullCommon312Every coastal area
Chroicocephalus hartlaubiiHartlaub's GullCommon316Every coastal area
Thalasseus bergii(Swift) Great Crested-TernCommon324Most coastal areas
Sterna vittataAntarctic TernKleinmond329Few birds feeding offshore
Columba liviaFeral PigeonCommon348Urban areas
Columba guineaSpeckled PigeonB349Few birds in river gulleys
Streptopelia semitorquataRed-eyed DoveB, Kirstenbosch352Heard more often than seen
Streptopelia capicolaRing-necked DoveB, and gardens354Fairly common
Streptopelia senegalensisLaughing DoveB, and gardens355Fairly common
Colius coliusWhite-backed MousebirdB425Small groups of birds around the gardens
Urocolius indicusRed-faced MousebirdB, De Hoop426Small groups of birds in thicker Fynbos
Ceryle rudisPied KingfisherCommon428Near any large freshwater
Alcedo cristataMalachite KingfisherB431One bird flying over dam
Mirafra apiataClapper LarkB495A few birds displaying which was odd for winter-time. I missed out at Cape Algulhas though - this race is a possible split
Calandrella cinereaRed-capped LarkB, De Hoop507Small numbers in stubble fields
Ptyonoprogne fuligulaRock MartinB, L, De Hoop529Small numbers around buildings
Dicrurus adsimilisFork-tailed DrongoN7541Small numbers on wires, especially near Cape Town
Corvus capensisCape CrowCommon547Common up the west coast
Corvus albusPied CrowCommon548More common in the south
Corvus albicollisWhite-necked RavenKirstenbosch Gardens5501 overhead
Anthoscopus minutusCape Penduline TitL557A few of these tiny birds in the Fynbos
Pycnonotus capensisCape BulbulCommon566In most thick vegetation
Andropadus importunusSombre GreenbulKirstenbosch Gardens572In wooded area
Turdus smithiiKaroo ThrushB577Around gardens - this is now split from Olive Thrush T.olivaceous
Oenanthe monticolaMountain WheatearB586Common in rocky areas
Cercomela familiarisFamiliar ChatB, Kirstenbosch589Very prominent with wing flicking displays
Cercomela schlegeliiKaroo ChatB592A bit of a skulker under bushes
Saxicola torquataAfrican StonechatB, De Hoop596Few birds on roadside fences
Cossypha caffraCape Robin-ChatR, Kirstenbosch601Fairly common
Cercotrichas coryphaeusKaroo Scrub RobinL614A fairly dull bird, one or two in in the Fynbos
Acrocephalus gracilirostrisAfrican Reed WarblerR635One or two in the reedbeds
Cisticola tinniensTinkling CisticolaKleinmond677aka Levaillants Cisticola. Near streams
Prinia maculosaSpotted PriniaL686Fairly common - perched up on bushes.
Phragmacia substriataNamaqua WarblerB687Scruffier than Spotted Prinia, in dry river beds
Muscicapa adustaDusky AlseonaxHarold Porter gardens690One bird feeding in burnt area
Batis capensisCape BatisHarold Porter gardens700Pair near waterfall
Motacilla capensisCape WagtailCommon713Probably the most common bird seen !
Anthus cinnamomeusAfrican PipitPotberg - De Hoop716aka Grassveld Pipit, common by roadsides
Lanius collarisCommon FiscalCommon732Another very common bird
Laniarius ferrugineusSouthern BoubouDe Hoop736One around the car park
Telophorus zeylonusBokmakierieB, L, Cape Algulhas746Seen daily at Bushmans Kloof, one or two others noted
Sturnus vulgarisCommon StarlingL, Cape Town757Birds seem fatter and brighter than their European cousins
Spreo bicolorPied StarlingL759Small groups on the outskirts of Langebaan
Promerops caferCape SugarbirdPotberg - De Hoop773Good numbers along the Klipspringer trail
Nectarinia famosaMalachite SunbirdB775Several birds in eclipse and breeding plumage around the gardens
Anthobaphes violaceaOrange-breasted SunbirdKleinmond777Several along the coastal walk
Cinnyris chalybeusSouthern Double-collared SunbirdCommon783Probably the most common Sunbird seen
Cinnyris fuscusDusky SunbirdB788One or two seen out on the Fynbos
Zosterops pallidusPale White-eyeBredasdorp796Small group in restaurant garden
Passer domesticusHouse SparrowCommon801Small numbers in urban areas
Passer melanurusCape SparrowPotberg - De Hoop803Small flocks in stubble fields
Ploceus capensisCape WeaverB813Small colony by restaurant
Ploceus velatusSouthern Masked-WeaverN7814Seen by pool near service station
Euplectes capensisYellow BishopB827One in gardens
Estrilda astrildCommon WaxbillB846Few birds along tracks
Crithagra flaviventrisYellow CanaryL878Few birds drinking from puddles
Crithagra albogularisWhite-throated CanaryB879Seen in river gulley
Crithagra gularisStreaky-headed SeedeaterB881Seen in river gulley
Emberiza capensisCape BuntingB, Cape Point885Few birds seen in gardens


At Bushman's Kloof most mammal species are re-introduced as the area was originally farmland and is being allowed to revert back to Fynbos

They do have the largest herd of Cape Mountain Zebra on private land and good numbers of Bontebok

Also Eland, Gemsbok, Red Hartebeest and Springbok

Grey Rhebok considered to be truly wild here having entered the area from the Cederberg Wilderness area

Klipspringer were probably always present here

Bat-eared Fox also here and Smith's Red Rock Rabbit

We also saw Aardwolf tracks and signs of Aardvark activity

Cape Grey Mongoose seen crossing a road near Clanwilliam

Yellow Mongoose seen at De Hoop

Right Whale seen offshore at De Hoop and Kleinmond

Dassie seen all along the south coast

Chacma Baboon - seen at roadsides near Citrusdal and Cape Point

Grey Squirrel introduced to the Company Gardens in Cape Town


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